SEB LTD are suppliers of bulk pebble stones, stone chips, textured coatings and glow in the dark stone chips.

We supply pebble products and stone chips specifically for use with epoxy resin coatings. The slip-resistant sand finish specifically for pool surrounds is designed with safety in mind.  Also, the lighter colour options will stay cooler in the hot sun and make the pool area more comfortable.

Pebbles incorporated into epoxy resin coatings are perfect for courtyards, patios and outdoor entertainment areas. Not only do lighter colours keep cooler in the summer but also the pebbled surface remains free of puddles after rain. Patios as well as surrounding pathways are perfect for pebble coating. With so many colour options to choose from, you can match your house colours or compliment your existing colour scheme with your garden pathways. The addition of glow in the dark chips makes all your paths and driveways extra safe at night by making them highly visible.

Make your driveway a feature to compliment your house colour. Or match the pebble colour to the existing colours and extend your driveway or carport as well as add value to your house. Customising new lines for your driveway or designing a playground area, increases the appeal of your property to buyers.

Epoxy resin coated pebble flooring is a great option for either covering a damaged floor or pathway, or completely replacing existing paths and flooring. Covering damage on concrete garage floor or in a basement is an efficient way to restore the quality as well as the look of your floor. The floor can be levelled and coated with a durable pebble coating that is low maintenance.

Pebbled pathways are more slip resistant and water tends to shed easier as well as leaving less puddling. Pebbles can also be used to designate parking spaces, or customise parking spaces as well as handicapped parking spots with permanent white lines  with white stone or recycled coloured glass. Beatify your parking area and enhance the look of your church, school or business. Have your company logo set into your car park with stylish pebbles or stone chips.

Disability and wheelchair access ramps as well as entrance pathways and parking areas can all have pebble coating designs. A sand coated or stone set ramp will remain slip-resistant, require less maintenance as well as create a better look than a concrete ramp.

Tree and garden surrounds made of porous paving as well as pebble coating provide puddle-free, low maintenance, cool surfaces that enhance shaded areas around buildings. The use of pebble coatings with the various colour options, makes your garden landscape stand out. Enhance your outdoor areas easily with pebble coatings and stone chip coatings.

Advantages of Pebble Stone & Epoxy Resin

  • Smooth Finish – No loose Stones
  • Permeable – Eliminates Standing Water
  • Design Flexibility – Install Colours, Patterns and Logos etc
  • Pebbles Can Be Laid Over Existing Surfaces or Started New – Minimal Upheaval or Mess
  • Low Maintenance – Crack & Oil Resistant
  • Extremely Hard-Wearing – Long Term Guarantee
  • UV Stable – Color Remains in Sunlight as Natural Stones
  • Fast Installation – Up to 300 M2 per day (3-4 people)
  • Easy Working – Possibly “DIY” as Easy Installation

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Patio and Decks
Pebble Courtyard Coatings
Pebble Courtyard Coatings

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