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SEB LTD supply bulk epoxy resin supplies for flooring, worksurfaces, tables and benches. Epoxy resin floors combine a stylish look with strength and resilience.

installing epoxy resin floors can dramatically improve the functionality and appearance of your work area or home. Epoxy resin flooring is the perfect choice for areas with high durability needs including retail, office and industrial flooring uses. Epoxy resin flooring has many beneficial properties, such as elasticity and strength. Resin floor coatings are low maintenance, long lasting and easy to customize to your style and colours. The options for adding colours, designs, company logos or 3D effect pictures are limited only by your imagination.

Resin Floor Supplies

Textures and coatings can also be incorporated with the epoxy resin into the floor or work area to produce a non-slip or textured finished. For workshops factory floors epoxy resin flooring is resistant to industrial wear and tear oil or paint stains or water damage. Epoxy resin flooring is also amazingly easy to clean and maintain which makes it the ideal flooring solution for high traffic, industrial or commercial use.

The toughness and ease of maintenance that epoxy resin flooring provides is un-matchable. Epoxy resin floors are perfect for machine workshops, automotive workshops, commercial factories and retail buildings as well as public buildings, hospitals and schools. The stain resistance, toughness and ease of cleaning also makes epoxy resin flooring the best choice for kitchens restaurants and food production areas.

For unique decorative effects, metallic epoxy resin coatings have a noticeably smooth and glassy finish. There is also wide array of colours to choose from. Each metallic epoxy resin floor is unique because the mixture of colours and patterns is always different. Epoxy Resin flooring is adaptable to any situation and various fillers and pigments can be applied with a wide choice of colours, aesthetic effects as well as textures.

Epoxy Resin Tables and Work surfaces

The application of epoxy resins makes work surfaces such as kitchen benches and tables highly durable as well as stylish. For outdoor and exposed areas epoxy resin tables and work surfaces are ideal. Epoxy Resins deliver high durability for commercial as well as industrial work surface requirements.

SEB LTD supplies bulk epoxy resins to applicators and tradesmen looking for an industrial as well as commercial grade product. We can supply products to all New Zealand without delay with suitable freight arrangements.

Bulk orders are no problem for SEB LTD, just contact our friendly staff for a no obligation chat about your needs.

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