Based in Tauranga SEB LTD are bulk suppliers of epoxy resins and decorative coating products such as pebbles and stones.

SEB LTD Tauranga are bulk suppliers of epoxy resins and decorative pebble and stone chip coatings. SEB LTD also supply bulk building fasteners to the building and engineering industries. We supply in bulk all epoxy resins, decorative coatings, pebbles and building fasteners and we freight to anywhere in New Zealand.

SEB LTD supplies epoxy resin coating products in bulk to flooring applicators and tradesmen as well as the keen home handyman. SEB epoxy resins and coatings are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Epoxy resin floors enhance the appearance as well as the durability of floors and work surfaces such as tables and benches.

One of the latest innovative trends in the epoxy resin decorative flooring incorporates 3D images or photos coated with a non-slip clear epoxy resin coating. The effect is certainly amazing. Decorative flakes as well as colour effects can be added to customise your flooring or work surface exactly how you want it. We can help you decide which epoxy resins are best suited for your application.

SEB LTD also supplies a complimentary range of coloured pebbles and stone chips for driveways, paths, patios and pool surrounds. The range of pebbles come in a variety of colours including a fantastic glow in the dark stone chip. Other coatings as well as driveway pebbles can incorporate this product . This creates an amazing visual effect and increases the visibility and safety of pathways, driveways and walking areas at night. The pebbles we supply come in a wide range of colours and textures as well as non-slip.

Building fasteners are often needed in bulk and certainly from a reliable source. SEB LTD supply top quality fasteners in bulk from the “Fortress” range. SEB LTD stocks the full range of fasteners for the building and engineering trades. Including all types of screws, nails, bolts, nuts, rivets and hinges as well as wall plugs.

Building fasteners often need accessories such as silicone sealant or nylon plugs and washers. SEB LTD are your one stop shop for all silicone sealant and building fastener accessories. We have a reputation for reliability of supply and we can source all types of building fasteners if we do not have what you need in stock.

Contact SEB LTD today and talk to our friendly staff about epoxy resins, pebbles and decorative coatings or building fasteners and trade accessories. We are here to help!

Pebble coatings, Deck
Pebble coatings, Deck
Glow in the Dark Stone Chips
Glow in the Dark Stone Chips
Pebble resins & trees

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